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Huff Post: Help Stop a Proposed Ordinance That Will Devastate Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

On May 2, 2012, Mark Horvath from Invisible People wrote a blog about the proposed Community Care Facilities Ordinance. The article was featured on the Huffington Post. This is what Mark had to say:

“I hate politics. I do. Politics always seem so complicated — I like things simple. Plus, to me, politics means “lots of talk and little action.” I’d rather just start working hard to make things better than to waste years arguing who is right or wrong. But obviously if you’re someone like me who gives their all to fight homelessness, politics cannot be avoided. That’s the case with the Community Care Facilities Ordinance. Here I am minding my own business, just trying to build Invisible People while battling my own survival, and I start to hear all this chatter about some law that could hurt what little affordable housing we have now.

From what I understand Councilmember Mitchell Englander, representing 12th District Northwest San Fernando Valley, is proposing a citywide ordinance in an attempt to regulate sober living homes. But it looks like the ordinance is based on NIMBYism and may drastically reduce affordable housing for disabled, veterans, elderly, homeless, and other marginalized people.”

In discussing why the ordinance is bad news for affordable housing in Los Angles, Mark references housing advocates, Greg Spiegel -Director of Policy and Communications at Inner City Law Center- and Kerry Morrison – Executive Director of Hollywood Business Improvement District, who agree that the ordinance will have devastating effects throughout the city. Mark urges readers to take an important step to stop this harmful ordinance:

“We can stop this! The United Way [disclosure: former client] has listed all of Los Angeles’s council member’s contact info along with a nifty tool to create a letter on this blog post. The office for Councilmember Englander twitter account is here and maybe he’s listening. Please be respectful, but please let Councilmember Englandar know how you feel about this insane ordinance that’s headed down a path to cost tax payers lots of money.”

Read the full article HERE


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