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Oppose the Community Care Facilities Ordinance to Protect Affordable Housing in the City of Los Angeles!

The Community Care Facilities Ordinance has come out of  the Los Angeles City Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) hearing without a recommendation. It is now set to go to council for a vote. Help us mobilize Los Angelenos to ask their representatives to oppose the bill!

What does the Community Care Facilities Ordinance mean for housing in L.A.?

The Community Care Facilities Ordinance will eliminate shared housing in single family neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles by making multiple leases in one home illegal. This means that individuals living together, such as roommates or a person with disabilities living in shared housing, will have to share a lease. As a result, the behavior of one roommate may put the other person (or family) at risk of eviction.

This compromises the living situations of more than 43,000 families in Los Angeles who share housing in single family homes.

This would eliminate 250 housing units of shared housing for people with disabilities.

In addition, the Community Care Facilities Ordinance would violate the Fair Housing Administration Act, the Rehabilitation Act, state fair housing law, and the state’s constitutional right to privacy, which would put us at risk of losing hundreds of millions in federal funds.

For a more detailed analysis of the implications of the ordinance please read Inner City Law Center’s Home For Good blog post: Community Care Facilities Ordinance Threatens Permanent Supportive Housing in the City of Los Angeles.

This Community Care Facilities Ordinance puts people at risk of losing their homes and ending up on our streets. Los Angeles is already the homeless capital of the nation; we need to find ways to end this problem- not make it worse!

What can we do to stop this?

Write and call your local City Council representative and tell them to oppose the Community Care Facilities Ordinance!

An online petition is available through change.org . To send a letter to your councilmember click here.

If you are contacting your councilmember by phone, here are some talking points you may refer to when speaking with your representative’s office:

  • I want to urge my Councilmember to oppose the Community Care Facilities Ordinance.
  • The ordinance will eliminate shared housing for thousands of low income households and will negatively impact our seniors’ ability to live independently.
  • By eliminating shared housing, the ordinance will impact housing affordability in Los Angeles and put thousands of people at risk of homelessness.
  • The Community Care Facilities Ordinance is in violation of Fair Housing and Disability Rights Laws.
  • The ordinance will also conflict with federal housing subsidy requirements and puts Los Angeles at risk of losing millions in federal funds to help alleviate poverty and homelessness in our region
  • As a constituent, I urge my representative to make the right choice and OPPOSE this harmful ordinance.

Below you will find a list of districts and councilmembers in the City of Los Angeles. If you do not know your councilmember, click here to use your address to identify your representative.

Councilmembers and their contact information:

District 1: Ed Reyes (213) 473-7001


District 2: Paul Krekorian (213) 473-7002


Twitter: @PaulKrekorian

District 3: Dennis P. Zine (213) 473-7003

District 4: Tom LaBonge (213) 473-7004


Twitter: @TomLaBonge

District 5: Paul Koretz (213) 473-7005


District 6: Tony Cardenas (213) 473-7006


Twitter: @tonycardenassfv

District 7: Richard Alarcon (213) 473-7007


Twitter: @Richard_Alarcon

District 8: Bernard Parks (213) 473-7008


Twitter: @BernardCParks

District 9: Jan Perry (213) 473-7009


Twitter: @cd9news

District 10: Herb J. Wesson Jr. (213) 473-7010

District 11: Bill Rosendahl (213) 473-7011


Twitter: @Bill_Rosendahl

District 12: Mitchell Englander (213) 473-7012


Twitter: @CD12News

District 13: Eric Garcetti (213) 473-7013


Twitter: @Eric_Garcetti

District 14: Jose Huizar (213) 473-7014


Twitter: @josehuizar

District 15: Jose Buscaino (213) 473-7015


Twitter: @LA15th

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