Proposition HHH / Measure H

In This Report

Home For Good supported the development of two successful ballot measures that exponentially increased the capacity of our homeless services system, which will lead to thousands of new housing units for people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.

The Problem

Los Angeles knew what it would take to address the homelessness crisis. Years of strategic public-private investments in capacity-building of supportive housing developers, the creation of the Coordinated Entry System, and the development of regional strategic plans allowed the community to trust that the public sector had the structure and solutions in place to meet the scale of the crisis. All that was needed was a substantial infusion of funding to grow our system in order to meet the scale of the need.

The Approach

Home For Good worked with elected and community leaders to draft Proposition HHH and Measure H and advocated to ensure that they included strong, data-driven goals and transparent implementation processes with strong citizen oversight.

The City of Los Angeles put the $1.2 billion Proposition HHH on the city ballot to expand supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness and to fund the development of mental health, substance abuse, and other service facilities. 

L.A. County placed the 25 cent sales tax known as Measure H on the county ballot to fund the expansion of the homeless services system in L.A. County and ensure that those housed in the newly created units funded by Proposition HHH would have access to supportive services.

We led a grassroots campaign to engage the homeless services sector and local community groups to mobilize support to pass Proposition HHH and Measure H, contacting thousands of organizations to get endorsements and coordinating voter education and engagement efforts. This included countywide phone-banking and hand-writing 165,000 postcards to likely voters.

The Outcome

Proposition HHH won 77 percent of the citywide vote. Measure H passed with the support of 69.3 percent of county voters.

Proposition HHH has massively expanded the development pipeline of supportive housing and will lead to thousands of new homes for our most vulnerable. Measure H has exponentially increased the capacity of our homeless service system and continues to be the major source of strength and funding in our system. 

The Home For Good team continues to play an active role in the implementation and oversight of both Proposition H and Measure HHH.