Who We Are

We believe in the power of collective impact to accelerate bold solutions to end homelessness.

Home For Good is an initiative launched by United Way of Greater L.A. in 2010 to unify the community around a bold vision for ending homelessness in L.A. County. We are a coalition of public and private partners dedicated to ending homelessness through research, collaboration, funding, and policy change.

The severity of homelessness in Los Angeles is the product of a complex web of problems that includes lack of supply and access to affordable and supportive housing, stagnant wages, systemic racism, an inadequate health care system, and over-criminalization in our communities. Our public systems struggle to prevent people from falling into homelessness, support people experiencing homelessness, and ensure homelessness is non-recurring.

Historically, efforts to end homelessness in L.A. County have been siloed. But real progress happens when we work together—across sectors and organizations. That’s why we’re here: to engage and empower people who are in a position to accelerate real change, increase equity, and collectively end homelessness.

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Our Approach

We accelerate the pace of progress to end homelessness in L.A. County by taking a data-driven approach to system-wide change.

We Create
A Unified Vision
We work across sectors to guide vision and strategy development, ground those strategies in sound data and evidence, increase system transparency and equity, and scale transformative solutions to end homelessness.
We Convene
Experts and Decision-Makers
We create inclusive spaces for public agencies, policymakers, private partners, funders, service providers, and people with lived experience to discuss and shape policies, practices, and progress against shared goals and metrics.
We Optimize
Private and Public Resources
We invest private dollars to test bold innovations, evaluate their success and sustainability against specific goals and metrics, and leverage public dollars to bring the most effective solutions to scale.
We Transform
Policies and Systems
We work alongside multi-sector coalition partners and local communities to increase transparency about our shared progress and to advocate for new policies at the local, state, and federal levels that will drive transformative change across L.A. County.

Collective Impact Model

In 2009, a small group of business leaders known as the Business Leaders Task Force on Homelessness released a study to more deeply understand the financial challenges posed by homelessness.

The study showed that, at the time, L.A. County spent nearly $1B a year on emergency services and short-term solutions to homelessness without serious investment in long-term solutions. The report made one thing incredibly clear: Stakeholders needed to come together and coordinate their efforts to end homelessness. It was a perfect case for collective impact. Read the full case study here. Collective impact brings people together, in a structured way, to achieve social change.

Everything we do at Home For Good is designed to support the collective’s ability to end homelessness in L.A. County.

*Thanks to Collective Impact Forum for illustrating the collective impact model.

It starts with a common agenda.
Together, the group defines the problem and a shared vision for how to solve it.
It establishes shared metrics of success.
The group agrees on a shared approach for tracking progress with an eye toward continuous improvement.
It coordinates efforts to maximize the end result.
By collaborating and aligning how each partner invests their time and resources, the group increases its potential for impact.
It encourages continuous communication.
Building trust and strong relationships among all participants is critical for success.
And it has a strong backbone.
The entire team is dedicated to the group’s work and mission.

United Way of Greater L.A. (UWGLA) is on a mission to permanently break the cycle of poverty for our most vulnerable neighbors: low-income families, students, veterans, and people experiencing homelessness.

Home For Good is a cross-sector initiative of UWGLA to develop, implement, and scale solutions that further United Way’s mission. That mission also is advanced by Everyone In, a grassroots organizing campaign UWGLA launched to raise awareness and build public and political will for those solutions. Home For Good’s work focuses on policy, systems, and implementation, and Everyone In works in parallel to rally support.

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Supported By Our Generous Partners

We’re grateful for the immense financial support we receive from the public and private funding partners who power our Home For Good team and the initiatives we lead.

Thank you to our current funding partners for your support and partnership in the work to end homelessness in L.A. County.

California Health Care Foundation
Dignity Health
First 5 L.A.
Goldsmith Family Charitable Trust
W.M. Keck Foundation
Spiegel Family Fund
The California Wellness
The Rose Hills Foundation
The Smidt Foundation
The Well Being Trust
UniHealth Foundation
Wells Fargo